Hey Gents,
My routine is listed on my blog and my first month seemed a success. I have been doing monday tuesday thursday friday with an edge every 3 days so wednesday and Saturday. This past week I incorporated the between the cheeks stretch and a 4 way on wednesday as well. On thursdays when i do mandingos I sometimes run into an issue. When i get to the fifth or sixth stretch on mandingos, i feel like a sharp pain is about to happen on my left side toward the base maybe a little bit inside. I never push it and always stop. I did my routine as normal this week and got that feeling again on thursday. That night i got a bj , went on with my normal routine friday. I edged today (Sunday) but I didnt feel as horny or energized. My penis hasnt been hanging as well since i got that bj that night either. My EQ was not nearly as good either. I just started trying to relax my pelvic floor by not sitting in a hard chair and trying to lay down while edging. Im not sure if that was the issue or maybe i just pushed it too hard this week? Do you guys think i should stick with the 4 days a week with the 2 edges? And or should I take out mandingos completely. Sorry if this post is a bit scattered, i need to make the post quick, my family is home so im trying not to have them walk in.

PS. Im used to sitting in a chair and kegeling while edging. I am trying my best to counter that and keep myself relaxed and RK when i feel the PONR coming on.