For those guys who can fit inside of a toilet paper roll still, I have been using one to train my pc muscle as of late and it has been working wonders. Post pe, I work up to a 100% erection level then I place it in the roll and do my kegels so I also lift the weight of the roll. This is not for people who just began or are new to kegels. I have worked up to this over the past few months. I started with normal kegels, then an empty paper roll, 25% toilet paper roll and eventually up to a full roll. I do 3 sets of full paper kegels with the max amount I can get plus one "forced" rep(I assist the lift with my hand). I do this only on PE days after my routine but I also do 100-200 normal unresisted kegels a day. My erection level was decreasing due to increased size so when I started incorporting this my eq is back at max and I stick straight up with about an 11 o clock angle. This is just my variation of a towel raise.