Could be. It was funny looking at this thread. I was so lost, I wasn't making any gains and I didn't know what to do next. People were telling me conflicting ideas, plus I was reading other info that said to do other things. I think noobies fail at PE or think PE is not effective because they go about it the wrong way or just get lost or overwhelmed by all the theories and info. Here are some things I figured out that worked for me(hopefully will work)

1. Start with the basics(P90)- Do basic stretches, Jelqs, detox from porn all that stuff. Get consistent, get motivated. Do this for 3-6 months. You should see gains(noob gains) mostly from EQ. Keep this routine up until you stop seeing gains. Don't over do the stretching keep it light. Penis stretching is not like weight lifting. In this stage you just want to get used to being consistent, getting your penis ready for more intense training. If you pull harder you will probably just unnecessarily spend more energy than you have too, or injure yourself, and maybe tense your penis up too early in your PE career. Go slow I think someone else named this stage.

2. (this is where I am now)Get into light hanging, Extender stretching and ADSing(if you are going for length). I started off really simple, I got an extender(not worth 300$, never pay over 50$ for a constriction type extender-look on ebay). The silicone cup is doing wonders for me now(12$). Keep doing manual stretches, especially down to the sides(all the lig angles) before you ADS. Wear your extender as much as you can. At this stage you want to really loosen up your ligs, you will get a nice flaccid hang and some length gains around, idk about girth. When you see gains stop, start hanging light.

3. I have not gotten to this stage yet so I cant give detail but I will summarize my plans. At this point my ligs should be really loose, and my EQ is top notch(follow TGC theory) this is when I will start to increase weight to 7-13lbs. Hanging down, then in different angles. Hopefully by this time I will have an LG. Ride gains to 9 inches

PE is linear in my opinion.