I started PE and did JP90 with a few extra weeks added on. I decided to try changing things up some and since I am more concerned with length at the moment I came up with a new stretch-heavy routine. Now, I'm sure what I've been doing is a little heavy for some newbies and is also a lot of time and effort for most people. Since I'm not interested in hanging (scary to me) I decided to a stretch for much longer than usual at a light-medium intensity. Here's a rundown:
-Warm up with electric heating pad (10 min)
-stretch all directions for 1+ min
-repeat 2 more times
-low EQ jelq ~50 reps
-Then, I hold a light, but firm stretch while watching TV for 45+ minutes pointing either straight down, up or out depending on hand fatigue
-edge if time permits

This routine requires a lot of free time, but I have been having great PI's and have never hung so well throughout the day. Hopefully some erect gains are on the way, but it's too soon to tell.
As far as supps go, I take a multivitamin and 1 l-lysine in the morning and another before bed. Anyone have experience with a routine like this?