Hey Fellas,
So i started this stretching routine for length only two months ago. I made some gains the first month and the second measurement was today. (2 months of the routine total). I didnt make any gains, i had some bad Pis this week so i took 3 days off to recover. I measured today which was the third day off. I didnt gain anything and if i did it was barely anything. I bought a hanger and a 2.5lb weight to start hanging. it should be here in 3 or 4 days. I will be home again from college next weekend to pick both items up. I am not sure if I should take this whole week off to recover and then start a hanging routine next week or to continue stretching tomorrow as long as I don't notice any bad PIs. Considering I had some bad PIs after Wednesday from overwork and today was the day I measured, do you guys think the bad PIs could have contributed to the lack of gains? Im never sure whether to take time off or not. Ive been doing some advanced stretches in these past two months. I heard stopping will have your penis heal in a shorter state (Im not sure if thats just a hanging rule). I never have a definite way to tell if my penis is fully healthy. I never really get morning wood unless i get drunk the night before (weird, and i dont drink like that often). I hate to take some days off just to see if I notice awesome PIs. I usually have average PIs, but never AWESOME ones where i totally notice a difference. Not sure what to do. Any advice Men? Some expert advice would be awesome.

Ps. Hanging can give you great PIs as long as you are careful correct? And when you hang every day, you dont do any other exercises correct?
Sorry about the scattered post, please try and answer all of the questions I have if you would.

Appreciate the help Gentleman,