Does hardened scar tissue or peyronie's plaque prevent gains from penis exercising? I'm asking this because the hardened scar tissue prevents blood from circulating is some parts of the CC and CS, and that causes strange curvature, bends of various direction, and shape including hour glass-shaped penis. If blood doesn't circulate efficiently in penis, wouldn't it prevent one from getting full effects of workouts?

Another reasoning is that the hardened plaque prevents the tunica from expanding to it's fullest, thus preventing girth gains.

Now if this is true, what are ways to cure this and dissolve the plaque. Surgery is not a viable option nor a good one because many men report having a shortened penis and numb feeling (much worse than the curvature.) There are some injections available that help dissolve the plaque but I haven't seen many testimonials that warrant a try (these shots cost at least a 500-1000 USD). I've tried this The Sexually Healthy Man: Peyronies Disease and I'm looking into something similar but with more substantial information. Peyronies Disease Home Treatment Options

Here is one of the threads on this i could find: