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Being 6'2, I can tell you that even if you have 12 inches (which is very very [damn just straight out] rare in length), it would not satisfy your perception at all because of how we all naturally view ourselves in the mirror. Yes, 7 inches is above average where many honest about their size would like to have.

Now as far as getting an inch in a year, really it just depends. Do what you need to do with caution and when you get there, you just get there. For right now, be happy and thank that Lord (no pun intended to women) that you are man.
I think this is a porn induced perception. I also occasionally look at some of the photo albums here and see a pictured and think "damn, I want to be as big as this guy", then read and find out I'm already bigger than he is. There's some guys I see holding their penis and can't wrap their hands around and are smaller than me, I decided to take interest one time and measured, with my hands I'd have to be 7.5" in girth to not be able to connect my fingers (big hands for sure). If you are over 6' you are going to see yourself as smaller, doesn't mean you are small. I can appreciate that we'd like to have a stunning visual presence for the ladies, but if you are looking at yourself and seem average then bottom out consistently you have to start admitting to yourself you are big, despite the visual appearance. I look at myself and realize for me to have the same visual effect I'm going to have to get to 9+x 6.5 which is easily in the huge area, bordering on too big. Accept your height as it is, accept you aren't going to look like a porn star, but also accept the feeling she experiences will be that of a big unit. Women like the visual, but not nearly the same as we guys do. Listen to the ruler and realize what she is experiencing through touch more than visual, you are filling her just as much even if you don't look like you are.