I've been doing PE for a couple of years now, had decent gains in the first year, but have slowed down in the second.
I am curious if you felt that your age vs your rest days affected your gains ?

Case in point, I'll be 45 in a month and have been trying to increase my workouts and reduce my rest days to see if I can break out of my rut. So far I have found that it's proven to have a negative effect on my gains, in fact I have lost some ground. Without going in to detail on my routine I am curious if others have had the same experience.

Do the younger guys have any issue with going 7 days on and no rest days ?
Is it purely a case by case scenario, or is age truly a relevant factor ?
How many rest days per week do you take and how old are you ?
How long have you been actively doing PE ?
What are your gains ?
Over what span of time ?

Chime in, I am curious.