So I have had my Bathmate for a few months now and, for the most part, use it about 3 days a week.

Lately I have been finding that after using it I seem to be, I guess the best word would be, recovering from using it faster and not feeling the stretch like I used to. For the most part I have been using it at really low erection levels as, for some reason, I have been finding it a little difficult getting even the slightest of erections in the shower.

Normally my "routine", if I could even call it that is doing some stretches before using the pump and do some random assortment of stretches for a random amount of time if I am feeling a little bored. I am not entirely too sure how long the pump is on while using it in the shower as I have no clock in the bathroom, but it definitely feels at minimum 10 minutes.

Could it be that I need to use it more often throughout the week or multiple times a day or something else I am probably not getting?