We definitely hang differently. With some people the base of the penis goes quite horisontally out from around the pubic area before it starts bending down, and of course then it is much easier to see where the root of th outer penis starts.

But after having stretching for a while, the penis may start to hang a lot more vertically. When this is case it is not really as visibly obvious where the penis exits from around the pubic area. The visible eye may find it a little difficult exactly where to start the measuring.

But... with your hand you can feel a small gap below the pubic bone, and where the gap stops, you start feeling the roundish sensation of the base of the penis. Will this then be the point to start measuring the flaccid penis? (And of course going all down to the glans with the measure instrument.)

I guess this is obvious to many of you, but I would anyway like to hear whether it's a consensus in this.

Would you agree to what I described above?

And I made an illustration on Paint; the way to measure flaccid length should be between the points of 'A' and 'B' right? Or not?

Flaccid Measure.jpg