So what i have been told is that when you have a routine you should look for positive PI.

Alright. What if your dick looks normal after a routine, because mine does i have never had a positive PI or negative.
My penis is pretty normal i don't get a bigger hang and i don't get an increase in morning woods, the only thing i get is an increase in horniness and some spotting.

2 week ago i made a new routine because my BPFSL was way longer than Bpel, so i looked up the TGC Theory

So i started to work on my girth instead so my routine is like this.
15 min stretch
20 min jelq
10 min x 2 set clamping

So the funny thing here is that i don't feel sore, when i am done clamping, my dick feels normal even through i use a decent pressure.

Am i the only one?