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  • In dire need of some help/advice

    Hello everybody!

    I'm new to PEgym as you can see and after being a lurker on this site and several others I finally decided to join the gym since I'm unfortunately not making any progress in my PE journey. I've been doing PE for around probably 5 months total which has not always been consistent training due to multiple circumstances which I'll touch on in a bit. As for equipment.. I mostly use my hands for manual stretching because personally I find it the easiest to do while also being a lot more free to experiment with different angles and force, but I do have a Bathmate X30 and X4 extender at my disposal.

    When I first started my PE journey I started with doing simple stretches in the shower and then doing jelqs for about 20-30 minutes daily which I did consistently for about two weeks until certain circumstances at home didn't allow me to continue this routine seeing as how I live at home with family. I then only did manual stretching ever so often until I got my Bathmate which I experimented with and really enjoyed until I started getting a lot of fluid retention along with hard veins so I decided I would set aside until I reach my length goal which also happens the main reason I want to do PE (length). It wasn't until several months ago that I got very consistent with PE and I would do manual stretching every chance I got meaning like anywhere from 1-2 hours of manual stretching 5 days a week and then once I got used to that I began using my extender whenever I was simply watching TV, playing games, or lounging (Along with my manual stretching) which probably equated to about an average of 3-4 hours daily (I know.. It's not on very long at all).

    I know that I need to focus a lot on my consistency with PE or else I'll never see good results, but that's part of my reason for joining the gym. I feel if I have peers I can look to for guidance that it will help keep my head up when I don't see gains while also giving me a resource I can go to anytime I have questions or need advice. As I said earlier my main goal at the moment is length and then later I plan on moving onto girth and yes.. I know that the two work better hand in hand, but as of right now I want to focus simply on length. So I'm looking to you guys for any advice you can give me to focus on length, but please bare with me as I don't know what all the PE terminology is yet so I may need some pretty well detailed descriptions of an PE exercises/stretches you guys suggest. I also have one question regarding manual stretching that I've never really seen discussed.. When manual stretching do you want to hold the stretch for as long as possible or simply hold it for like 30 seconds to about a minute and then move on to the next one?

    Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated! Thanks guys!

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    Id recommend getting a hanger if you haven't seen any gains in length yet. Read hanging101.


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      Unfortunately I don't think I have the privacy for hanging seeing as how I still live at home with family and my door doesn't happen to have a lock on it. All of my PE exercises I'm able to keep pretty well hidden due to being able to use the Bathmate while I take a shower, wearing my extender under my clothes when I'm lounging playing games or watching TV, or when I do manual stretching in my bed while watching TV for several hours when I get home from work (I work nights so no one is awake when I get home). From my understanding hanging requires a fair amount of privacy which I sadly don't have.


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        Originally posted by Berserker View Post
        when I do manual stretching in my bed while watching TV for several hours when I get home from work (I work nights so no one is awake when I get home). From my understanding hanging requires a fair amount of privacy which I sadly don't have.
        Seems you do have the time at night when all are asleep.


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          Where I do have the time when I get home from work.. I'd say in terms of privacy not so much. While it's true everyone is usually sleeping when I get home they sometimes get up early or when I get home and come in to my room to check on me and as I mentioned I unfortunately don't have a lock on my door. From my understanding most people hang while standing up or sitting down as well as that allows the weights to hang. That's why I usually do manual stretching when I get home seeing as I can do it laying down in my bed while under the covers watching TV so it doesn't really look like anything more than that if someone were to walk in.

          I'd hate to throw down the money for a hanger if I don't have the privacy to use it you know? The only way that I could see me having the privacy for hanging is if I could somehow find a waterproof one that I could use in the shower, but even then that'd be quite the hassle with weights hanging down in the shower. Do you have any suggestions in terms of stretching exercises or possible rookie mistakes I might be making with my stretches that are hindering any gains? Or are you primarily a hanger?
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