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Smooth muscle cells, unlike skeletal cells cannot survive if they grow too large. They are not able to feed and discharge waste effectively. Therefore as they enlarge they are forced to divide through mitosis. The jelqing action enlarges those cells temporarily, then as they return to their natural state they eventually return larger and larger. When they return to the point where they are too large, they divide. Now you are working with twice the cells, then three times the cells, etc. This is why returning guys regain size more quickly then they initially did, because they are working with more cells then before. Eventually you have so many cells that it becomes nearly impossible to enlarge them, so the cycle sort of ends and you work on maintaining what you have.
Good point on the theory of cell division It's easy to think of growth as being only about hypertrophy (cell growth), but the hyperplasia (cell splitting) theory makes a lot of sense as well.