Since beginning PE, I've really grown to appreciate the support I've found here at the gym. However, has anyone ever had the thought, "I should keep PE a secret so less people know about it"?

Though this is completely counterintuitive to the supportive nature of this online community, I feel that how you measure up to other men is and always will be a point of pride/insecurity, however petty the thought. I think we can all agree that it feels great to know that many men out there who are ignorant about these methods are no where close to the sizes here at PEGym.

On the one hand, I find myself very fortunate to have stumbled upon this website. On the other, I feel that, if PE went absolutely mainstream (both in academia and popular culture), I would feel less proud of my size given that the global average penis size would increase as more people practice it.

Just some food for thought .