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  • Relative Growth Question

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new to this and I have a general question about penis exercise results. Is it true that gains are relative to starting size, as in a 25% length increase or a gain of 2 inches for a person who starts out a eight inches takes about the same effort as a 1 inch gain or 25% increase for a person who starts out at four inches. I believe it does because I know from body building that it is factually based that people with longer and fuller muscle tendons have faster increases in muscle size because they are increasing relative to their muscle size and their naturally higher amount of muscle fibers. Also because a naturally longer penis has a higher amount of muscle fibers so therefore there are more opportunity to increase size. What do you guys think?

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    Let me make a few things clear.

    What you're asking about is size and bulk, NOT muscle. Bigger, taller people do NOT build size and bulk faster than those with shorter limbs. Those with shorter limbs ALWAYS build bulk and size faster than those with longer limbs. I've got a 6'8.5" wingspan. Do you have any idea how long it would take for me to get biceps that are 14" in circumference? Look at a guy who's 5'8"; ostensibly he has a wingspan of 5'8" as well. Do you know how long it would take him to get 14" biceps? Maybe, if he puts a small bit of effort into it, a third or fourth the amount of time and effort that it would take me.

    That said, I've asked the same question before about length gains. I've studied enough statistics and seen a veritable boatload of anecdotal evidence that suggests that, indeed, those who start larger have more room to grow. However, this is not attributable to having more tissue to work with. In fact, it has more to do with EQ levels.
    Starting: 4/2/2013
    BPEL: 7.5"
    MEG: 5.25"
    BEG: 6"
    BPFSL: 8.1"

    BPEL: 8.25"
    MEG: 5.5" (-.25")
    BEG: 6" (-.25")
    BPFSL: 8.75"
    NBPEL: 7.75"

    My Log


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      don't agree for that is just one factor in the jigsaw of cellular repair.That maybe be true if you are looking at identical people on all genetic levels and the only difference was there muscle length. Everyone is different ,the percentage of composition of the tissues in the penis , the stress that is need to breakdown the tissue, the time taken to repair,will be all different and size plays no factor in this.
      BPFSL - 8 3/16 inch

      BPEL - 7 10/ 16 inch

      MEG 5.5 inch

      NPEL 8.50 girth 6.00

      EQ 10/10

      Edging - 30 mins

      Only doing Manual PE for devices are not an option at the moment.