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Stopped Getting Results from Hanging :/

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  • Stopped Getting Results from Hanging :/

    I'll keep this short. Started hanging a couple months ago using captain wenches hanger. Started at 1lb and now hang 7lb. Gained an inch on flaccid and and inch on BPEL. Flaccid gains only noticeable when my unit is warm and erect gains only noticeable at 100% EQ.

    My routine
    1 20 min set of hanging a day
    Jelq until my unit is pumped completely with blood
    Traction Wrap to prevent turtling

    literally no gains for past two weeks. When I first started, I felt actually felt my unit was getting longer.

    Captain Wenches Hanger sliding down as my hanging weight goes up

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    Up your number of sets. I try to do 4 or 5 sets daily.
    PE is a lot like sex. First you have to find your technique, rotate your routine, and then plan on it taking a while. Then you will find satisfaction.


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      That increase number of reps, can't stay at 1 set forever.
      Restart [4/17/16] 7.5 BPSFL 7.25 BPEL 5.125 USEG 5.75 MSEG 6.25 BSEG (not valid)
      Goal 1 [7/17/16] 7.75 BPSFL 7.5 BPEL 5.25 USEG
      6 MSEG 6.25 BSEG


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        The reference to "Captain Wenches Hanger sliding down as my hanging weight goes up" should be a telltale sign that your unit maybe not responding well to the increase in weight. Always go with PI's . In fact never overlook PI's. Looks like you made some nice gains before. Time now to see what part of your program merits some adjustment to get back on the road to growing


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          1 set? That's not enough work. Personally I do 3x20~ minutes. Which I find more then enough for me now, seeing as I started hanging last week.
          You need to listen to your penis, and add sets/weights after what you feel like.


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            After newbie gains from hanging, you really need to be getting in more sets. BIB recommends 10 hours of hanging a week. I do 4-6 sets x 20 minutes a night and don't take days off. I gained .6 from the captains wench and had to upgrade to the BIB Hardcore. The BIB is much more effective then the wench but the wench is a great learning tool. Also, I didn't see any real gains until I went above 10 lbs. You also may need to change your hanging angle as you may have maxed out your suspensory ligs. Your on the right track, but I would slowly add sets
            12-5-11 --- 7-4-14

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