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  • My routine for fast gains

    I've been PEing inconsistently for 4 years and recently I've took more of a serious approach to PE.Its still considered halfassed compared to most guys here but i've made great gains .

    My starting measurement were 5.5 x 4 , within a month it was 6.5 x 4.5 . Plateau at these measurements because I was happy with my size til this spring .
    Currently 7.6 bpel 5.2 EG

    So my routine is

    Day 1

    Jelqing at near 100% EQ with a underhand grip (pinky facing ceiling) HARD starting from the base , but know you're limits . Make sure you're getting a work out but don't pop you're dick off.

    I don't stretch my dick on these days btw , I just get a boner and start off slow and let you're dick tell you how hard to push it.

    Day 2 rest

    Repeat this until you plateau , takes me fairly quick to plateau 1-2 weeks but I gain .1- .2 inches length (girth takes longer but i can feel difference in my hand). So when i've reached my plateau , I stretch my dick in all directions that day and rest the next day , and resume my normal routine again .

    Like I said i'm halfassed PEer so I take alot of days off from my routine. but basically I jelq til I plateau and stretch and keep gaining.
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    sounds a lot like masturbating to me...




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      Originally posted by keven702 View Post
      I just get a boner and start off slow and let you're dick tell you how hard to push it.
      Wow you have a talking dick ? Mine is giving me the silent treatment, it always has. It won't even whisper or sing. I feel cheated.
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