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Help with girth gains/routine?

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  • Help with girth gains/routine?

    I've been making great length gains thus far, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get my girth to budge.

    I've tried squeezes, ulis, horse squeezes and nothing seems to work.

    I'm sitting at 6.7 bpel with a sorry 4.6 eg.

    Anyone have some ideas on how to get my girth up? My ideal size is 7.5 bpel (or 7.25 nbpel) x 5.5 eg, but I know slow and steady wins the race, and I just want to see it moving in a positive direction.
    Start: 1/6/15
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Goals: 2/6/15 - 195lbs | 3/6/15 - 180 lbs
    BPEL: 6.5 in
    EG: 4.25 in
    Ultimate Goals: 8 x 5.5 | 5ft10in: 175lbs

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    i need some advice on making girth gains too.

    i've been clamping and doing hard and long squeezes for a while now along with supra slammers and such.


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      Hi experimentor .... The girth exercises that you have tried should work to increase girth. However, what works for me is when i rubberband-clamp my penis (Tight but not too tight) and do Ulis and Compressors. They really help accelerate girth increase.

      Along with that, you could also add in bends in different directions (50% EQ) and do some jelqing. These are all done with the rubberband-clamp on.
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        I was thinking of adding rubberband-clamp and I am happy to see someone else been doing it with measurable success. I am currently sitting at 6.7 Length but my girth had stalled.
        To add some insight on girth though:
        I have been doing it this way.....
        I do around 50 Jelqs with erection level of about 50%, I massage my penis to about 80% Erection level, squeeze at the base and near the glans until my shaft inflates and hold for 30 seconds, then do around 100 Jelqs with a high erection of about 75%, massage my penis to 80% ELevel, Hold an Uli for 20 seconds, then do around 50 jelqs with high Elevel, repeat the first hold for around 30 seconds, then do slow jelqs with strong squeezes and high erection, around 50 or 100 depending on how I am feeling my unit. I also do some Kegels in between especially when I want more blood in my unit. I then finish my work out with an erection, highest level possible that I can manage.

        After that I bathe as I am warming down. I have been doing this type of routine for only about 2 weeks and I can see that it is begin to pay off. I will stick with it or vary just a little to see how far it will take me.
        The temporary gains that I get from this simple routine are very impressive, especially my night and morning woods seems to get really fat.
        I just wish to reach 7 BPEL and average of 5.3 EG by the end of this year.
        Try your luck with that.
        **Even the longest journey begins with a single, small, significant step**