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I believe you have a very valid point.
I'm beginning to think pe after a workout would be more productive for people who workout and do pe, based on the idea that the pe would help with the shrinking caused by working out, even if for a short period. I think I'll try this tomorrow morning and see how it goes.

Alright I didn't do exactly what I said per se, nor did I jog. I think I'll try this tomorrow.

What I did do was, in the morning, I did a workout consisting of pull ups and push-ups, about 15-20 minutes worth, until my muscles felt plump and heart rate was elevated.
I didn't pe directly after due to a injury I caused upon myself yesterday from jelqing a little too hard resulting in those little bruises.
I did, however, examine my penis closely feeling, looking, pulling, and so forth.
What I observed was that the workout almost didn't even seem to affect it much if at all. It seemed to still be at its regular flaccid hang.

I do want to see what a 45 minute or so jog plus a workout would cause... But once again I may need to wait a day or more for healing.....

Until then....