I'm pretty sure we all had surprises in our PE journey, things that you didn't know, that no one told you.. or just interesting stuff we learned along the way.

Let's start a thread that will help others with un-expected
Here's what I discovered in my 1.5 years

1. PE is a bitch, it starts with fun and high hopes but keeping it up daily for long long time is hard as hell!
2. After a while PE becomes a drug, you miss a week and you feel like something is missing
3. Beginner gains are AWESOME!.. but they do fade.. you grow less and less as the time passes
4. Consistency is the key.. you have to work your dick to get results
5. You will get bruises, you will learn to pay attention to your penis.. and it's kinda cool
6. Your hands will get tired faster than your dick
7. You will stall.. and you will learn how to break it!
8. Lig pops are not that scary.. I had 2 lig pops and each time I had instant gains
And the last one is personal.. gaining girth is really really hard

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