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  • not2big
    Hey Miloju!

    Welcome to the Gym.

    Though you have already been doing some PE be sure to

    If by "breaks" you mean the time between morning and night workouts I do not believe it really matters. However, if you are referring to days off, two days a week should be about right. It would be helpful if you could advise how long you have been doing PE and how many days a week.

    I would recommend adding 15 minutes of stretching and adding an hour or more to your extending routine, assuming you have been extending for at least a month already.

    I was fairly aggressive when I started PE and it was at least six months before I noticed any meaningful gains, but each guy reacts differently to PE.

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  • Milosju
    started a topic Good routine?

    Good routine?


    I'm not entirely new to PE but I'm definitely not a veteran. I haven't really been seeing much results but its most likely cause of how long I take breaks in between workouts. I was wondering if the following routine sounds good for solid gains.
    Morning: 3 min warmup
    10 min jelq
    15 min bath mate
    10 min jelq warm down

    Midday: Rest

    Night: warmup
    2 hours extender

    It would be two days on and one day off for rest days. Since muscles grow on rest days, I figured the same could be said about my penis.

    Like I said before I haven't seen any gains yet. Any opinions on changing my routine or what has worked for anyone else.

    And maybe how long before I'll see gains.