So I got a silicone ADS a couple months ago that i would wear 4-7 hours a day. Well one day i got over ambitious and put the tension tighter than i should have :/ well once i took it off i believe i strained my ligaments and decided to quit for a couple months. well 3 months later im back and tried the ADS once more, this time with a very low tension, well the first day was fine but the second day i noticed a bit of discomfort and very mild pain around my suspensory ligaments. I then decided to take the following day off. well i go at it again today and the same thing happens within the 2nd hour.

Since i really want to pursue PE, I need some advice on how to handle this situation. should i take additional months off? will i ever be able to fully get back into routine.

Currently my EQ is fine and everything works as it should. i just don't want to ignore my symptoms.

Btw the mild pain is only when i put pressure with my hands right above my penis shaft. on scale 2 out of 10 with pain.

Thank you