well i am back at the forums again ! i wish everyone to have a nice productive autumn and winter! I am in hurry so i ll write it with a few words : I pe since january 2013, untill june i had added bathmate and ulis to my routine plus stretching and dry jelqs. in my 2 month vacation i did something like 3 days off and 1 on because i wasnt home at all. and i did only some stretching and bathmate. now after 2 months of this i need to start again from the jp90 or am i able to add ulis again ? last 2 days i did 14 minutes stretching and 20 minutes dry jelqing and it felt ok plus kegels 1 on 1 off i thing that i had neutral to positive PIs.. do you think a 3 on 1 off of this routine would be nice for a month before adding ulis againg or there is no need to wait ?
thanks and sorry for the grammar