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  • how sensitive?

    I would like to test the sensitivity of my penis head. I would like to ask the fellow forum members on how to test the sensitivity of the penis head or how sensitive the penis head should be. I am determined to find outta if I've lost sensitivity in mine due to masturbationm or that's just the way it is. I can thought the head is supposed to be supper sensitive. I can rub on it, i feel the sensation but it's not like any part of the body where you can pin point where the sensation is.
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    I think it's just something that varies a lot per individual. I have very little sensitivity in my glans and I never had in the past either. With that in mind, I wouldn't necessarily say that you lost sensitivity - maybe you were never sensitive in the first place.

    If stimulating your glans directly can bring you to orgasm quickly, I would say you have sensitive glans.
    If stimulating your gland directly can bring you to orgasm eventually, I would say you have "normal" sensitivity
    If stimulating your glans simply won't bring you to orgasm, I would say you don't have sensitive glans. (this would be me. All my sensitivity is on the underside just a bit behind the glans for me)
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