DonJ, thanks. I noticed too, gains happen overnight, not when you're expecting..And I'll try my best.

Cusp, haha thanks and no alcohol for me, worked real hard to quit smoking tobacco, haven't smoked weed in almost a month without any legal conditions, drank my last shot of Bacardi 2 months ago, no coke since February, no heroin since December...So many healthy changes in a short period of time. I used to not give a shit about my health or body until I got into PE, then I became a lot more conscious about not only my dick, but also overall health.

Big O, appreciate it, I'm still very anti-social but I'm getting better at that. Despite all the changes I still have to lose a massive amount of weight that I gained this year, and improve my diet, that will probably play a big role in confidence too...

NCGuy, thanks and yeah, the number of women are decreasing but I guess there is still a fair share of good ones.