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Need help with discrete PE routine.

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  • Need help with discrete PE routine.

    Hey all,

    Long term user, helper, adviser and reader of this forum is now looking for some advise as I have ran into issues with my routine.

    Basically; I have been experimenting with PE for about 2/3 years which involved a steady routine of pumping, various hanging, jelquing and a few other techniques with devices (jelq device, bathmate etc).

    The issue is now I am unable to preform the majority of these because I am in living with 5 other people on a 1 year work trip abroad. It is extremely social in this new environment and I am unable to get any time in without being interrupted. Its rather awkward when my door is knocked during an intense penis pump!

    So I am asking for advice on discrete routines/exercises I can preform without the need for devices, or a routine in which I can preform fully clothed.

    The only 2 I am preforming as of now are jelquing in the shower and a technique of wearing a cock ring for sets of 30 minutes with rests in between.

    Are there any other ideas/techniques you guys use for social situations?

    Any advice welcome,

    Goal: To cure PreE. And help others do the same with any advice I have

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    Jelqing in the shower and all other PE for about 15 to 30 minutes have worked for me all along.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      Past 2 weeks I have been sticking to jelqing only for 10/15 minutes a day and I can only just manage to do that interrupted! .

      Im not sure if its psychological but I feel as if its a lot less effective than my old routine that included a pump and hanging.

      Not sure what else to do though so for now jelqing alone will have to do :/
      Goal: To cure PreE. And help others do the same with any advice I have


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        Tension Stretches for length and The Squueze for girth. Used those two while on vacation and just did them in the shower. Great thing is they are simple with no clean up.
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