Hello all,
haven't here a while. I actually began pe a while back but didn't follow up with the right dedication (but did learn a lot and even made minimal gains in my short time). I've decided to re-commit to my pe program and start again. I came across this's on the Bathmate website and wondered if anyone else had seen their videos in which a test subject made rather incredible gains in six weeks. What I have learned from my short pe time is that it must be gentle, slow increments in pressure and time pe-ing and that gains ARE possible but it's slow and demands dedicated time.

The Bathmate hydro extreme makes big claims, I was wondering if anyone has used it. (Note: I have a Bathmate Hercules and it,s a great product! But I have decided to follow the suggestions in Penis exercising by pe gym/rob michaels and correct me if I'm wrong, but it mentions in the books that using devices are an advanced technique and you shouldn't't use them in the beginning). Any input would be appreciated. I have experienced gains from the books
's suggested first 5 week program and feel it is the safest and best way to start. I'm on day 3 and excited to get back into it and be a contributing part of the community.

oh, here is the Bathmate extreme videos link below. I ant to also note that I have nothing against the Bathmate, I plan to use mine on the future and even invest in their other products, I'm just unsure if using them in the beginning.


happy gains ins to all! And remember resting is also gaining!