Ive been jelqing and doing pe for about a year now. been makin some decent gains. Ive tried ulis and horse squeezes along with other things after jp 90. I found something new however. As I kept peing i noticed that my tunica would get very hard like rock hard. So I modified my routine. I now do 300 v jelqs on one day and then the next day I do 30 min thats right 30 min of just stretching. I noticed that I could feel the gains after doing that. what happens is after I stretch the tunica til its soft for those 30 min its ready to be pumped. so by the next day I do the 300 jelqs I notice that the starting size of my dick is bigger than it was the previous time. then by the next day I have a rock hard erection so I just go back to the stretching to get the tunica soft again and repeat. So far this has been the best routine for me so far. I think I might incorporate ulis once I get the length I want and keep doing the stretching. I might bump up the time interval for stretching to maybe 40 min or an hour. we will see. just wanted to share with every body as I feel like this is something that not alot of people do as far as stretching for at least 30 min or more and nothing else in that day.