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When to expect to see gains from girth exercise?

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  • When to expect to see gains from girth exercise?

    I have been working on mainly length for around a year and have gained just under 1.5" in length. Now i'm focusing on girth, i've been at it for 2 months and no improvement. Sometimes I feel in my hand that it seems bigger and my gf has said that it has felt fatter. But that wasn't a permanent thing it seems to happen when I take a rest day or two.

    I do 5 days on and I take the weekend off besides a few stretches and light jelqs in the shower.

    Should I have seen some improvement? I'm worried I may be overtraining, because on my rest days my penis feels bigger and then by the end of the week it feels smaller again. I'm not sure if I let my penis recover fully before starting the workout the next day.

    Anyone recommend a better ratio? 3 days on and 1 off?

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    MEG = 4.3"

    Current 04/2013: Length = 1" Girth = 0.2"....... = 10.47"^3 = 22.7% Increase
    BPEL = 6.5"
    MEG = 4.5"
    Max BPFSL = 6.75"

    Current 07/2013: Length = 0.23" Girth = 0"......= 10.84"^3 = 25.3% Increase
    BPEL = 6.73"
    Max BPFSL = 6.85

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    My advice is ULIs as much as you can and edging combined with jelqs. Girth is harder to achieve than length.Girth work needs more rest time, it can be very rough on your dick. I would suggest you do girth work 3 times each week
    on rest of the days much ULIs(with edging).
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      Im in pretty much the same situation as you sushi


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        As an advanced trainee, you should give an exercise up to 4 weeks to work. This is also assuming that you're increasing volume & intensity regularly as well.

        A question- how's your EQ? If it's not good, that could be a contributor to the lack of gains.
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          In addition to jelqing and stretching, I also started PE with a pumping routine (two 20 minute sessions a day). In my case, it took 6 months before I achieved any measurable girth gains. As they say, your mileage may varry.
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          01/16 NBPEL - 5.4, MSEG - 5.5
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            Great length gains!

            I've had great results with dry jelqing and edging. Keep working at it and gains will come.

            Also, make it a point to heat well before and after a your girth sessions. For me, it's one thing I wish I would have done more from the start. I use a heating pad.
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              This is my routine and you will get girth if not sue me!
              This routine takes 40 mins to 45 mins what ever you want to do.Warm up first but it doesn't count towards the routine.
              ssj hold for 1 min
              horse squeeze hold for 1 min
              uli hold for 1 min.....then repeat each exercise untill your 40 mins is up.You can rest a little during the routine.Do all of these at about 60/70% erection level.My girth grew fast as all hell.I did this at least 6 days a week.It went past 6.7 in girth from 4.9 in a month.Also if you do this you will have a better girth for a few hours.
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                Also what did you do for length because right now thats what I'm going for?
                Before 6.5 bpel 6.0 nbpel 4.9 meg
                NOW 7.5 bpel 6.5 nbpel 5.6 meg
                Goal 8.5 bpel 7.0 nbpel 6.0 meg maybe


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                  1.5" in length is very impressive, congrats!

                  I'd pump for girth personally.
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                    In my experience pumping is a wast of time because the sudo growth that it seems to give is nothing more then fluid build up in the dermal layers which assimilates back into the body shortly after the vacuum is removed.

                    I once read a thread from a guy who joined a forum from England who had been pumping for years and testified that he hadn't gained an inch. My own experience verified that and I quickly came to the conclusion that Clamping was superior to pumping because it stretched tissues from the inside. Girth gains became permanent rather then temporary. PLease note that expansion while clamping isn't immediate as I typically didn't experience expansion until the 3rd 10 minute set. BTW Clamping carries a no more then a 10 minute rule per set to prevent discoloration of the outer dermal layers.
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