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can starting penis enlargement be a bad thing for some people ?

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  • can starting penis enlargement be a bad thing for some people ?

    Hi everyone, Im just looking an insight into this question? I find myself in a bit of a catch 22 situation. Over the last week I limited my time on pe websites, I started to realise i was feeding my obssession in regards to my genitials.
    I have some kind of underlying fear in regards to the size of my gentials. Since focusing my energy into other resources I have started to think more clearer and my mental state has slightly improved.
    Here lies my question, I want to start pe but I am not willing to do it at the sake of my mental health. My Cbt therapist advised against it. Is there way around this or should I just abandon the idea of doing it altogether.
    On the other hand maybe im just creating excuses not to do it, any insight would be much appreciated

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    If you're looking for PE to "solve" deep seated mental/emotional issues, then you'd be much better off focusing on treating the mental/emotional issue first. PE should be approached with a relatively healthy mindset.

    No offense, but given your previous posts you would do well to focus on other areas of your life first. It would also be a good time for you to stop trying to seek all of the answers outside of yourself too. At the very least, focus on doing things to improve your physical health. That in itself can help to restore EQ and sexual confidence, which can prepare you for eventual "enlargement" training. You should also stay away from negative posts on forums. Some men get addicted to them in the vein of "fear porn", and this will do nothing beneficial for someone in a very depressed mindset.

    Now, if your issues are not so severe that it interferes with your functioning, then PE can help to boost your self esteem. Merely the accomplishment of changing something so fundamental about yourself- and doing so in an atmosphere where it's considered "impossible"- is enough to make you see yourself in a different light
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