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Jelqing and Stretching on the same day?

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  • Jelqing and Stretching on the same day?

    I have been jelqing for a month now and common sense kicked in that I should maybe start stretching as well. haha Should I stretch on the same day as I jelq like right after my jelq workout let my buddy go soft and start stretching? and if so how long should one stretch for? Or should I jelq and stretch on separate days

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    Most people combine their exercises on the same day. Have you seen how is structured? You should check it out.

    Also, for the month of November PEGym is doing "Jelq for Health" and we're looking for members who wish to add their daily jelqs to the master count - with a goal of reaching a collective of 1 million jelqs. If you haven't yet, check it out as well:

    By participating, you're even eligible to win some nice PE prizes!
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      alright thanks for the advice man. I appreciate it and ill be sure to check it out


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        After completing about 200 to 250 jelqs, I normally stretch for about 20 to 30 minute after jelqing. I do two to three of these routines a day.
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