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  • need help to start

    hello everyone
    ive been doing PE before few times in a week and stoping fro few weeks cuz of some circumstances, but i decided to be comited this time amd make it part of my everyday life, but i need to know some things first,

    what i have to measure before starting, im talking about those BPFSL and other abreviations, and with what routine to start and when to measure for the first time after starting PE

    thanks for help
    Started On : 16/11/2013 (with 12 days off)

    Initial Penis Size
    BPFL: 16 cm
    BPEL : 15.5 or 16 cm
    MSEG : 12 cm

    Erect Goal
    Shot Therm : 17 cm
    Long Term : 19 cm

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    Oh you really do need help. Why not go and look at the stickies we have in the beginners section which explains everything.
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      Has pretty much everything you need to get started. Yep, lots of reading but it's very important to learn as much as possible.

      Great plan on incorporating PE into your daily life. It makes things so much easier

      Good luck
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