I had started writing a blog entry for this but figured others may want to share their experiences. It seems that many of the Jelq For Health supporters made large adjustments to their routines to help collect the numbers. I've heard a couple quick comments from some that they were surprised by the results, so I'm hoping they will chime in and share some of the things they learned last month.

For myself I was always kind of a minimalist. My goals have been focused mainly on EQ improvements, not gains (though they were very significant and welcomed), and have followed a 1/1 day on/off routine from the beginning. Last month I switched to a 2/1 and upped my jelq reps as well. Prior to this I had been in a plateau, still happy with health and EQ but secretly wanting to return to that excitement of new gains. I will say that my gains last month were once again quite significant for both growth and EQ. I received some very welcomed compliments from my significant other after not being together for a month.

So aside from the ego boost, what did I learn during this jelq intensive month? For me it was an interesting opportunity to set aside all previous goals and focus on something else. Before I was always concerned about having the perfect session, making sure I focused and used the techniques I had learned to maximize my efforts. With the new goal of racking up numbers I found myself sitting there with no worries about getting things perfect with every stroke, I was already accomplishing my primary goal of getting reps so I was mentally free to do other things now. I experimented with EL, grip intensity, grip placement, etc. What I discovered is that what worked for me in my newbie phase didn't work for me now in my second phase of PE. My conditioned unit is very different from my starting unit. For me at least (I always qualify observations intentionally, what works for me may not work for you) I had to alter my mindset and jelq technique a little to break this plateau, once I did I've seen significant changes. Before I would always say to be nice and your unit will respond by growing, it was happy to say thanks for treating me well. What I say now may seem silly, but I think of it as a bigger unit locked inside that's restricted from trying to grow bigger, grow like a living thing, not an inanimate object trying to expand. Eat right and you'll grow up to be big and strong kind of thing. Think of it as a child that needs nurturing, not a monster trying to escape (save that for when you are with your partner). It needs my help to grow within this balloon it's caught in and needs to be fed to have the energy to grow bigger. So my jelqs are now more like gently massaging some elasticity into the balloon (not squeezing it to the edge of popping) and pushing the blood around to give it the food it needs, it will do the rest on its own while it's growing, I just have to provide the right environment for it. So I keep the same mindset of be nice, don't force it, but I've upped the encouragement and assistance a notch. (Edit: Also maintain the mindset that this is a journey, much like a living thing it will take time to grow, patience).

This month I've also really proven to myself that girth work is necessary for maximum EQ. My routine was fairly balanced though slanted more towards length (those who read my log know I've had concerns about too much girth with my SO) and my EQ improvements were stalled and inconsistent. With more balanced girth work through extra jelqing my EQ has improved to a new level. I didn't do any squeezes or ulis or advanced exercises yet I've had noticeable girth gains and incredible EQ (the SO apparently has no concerns about too much girth anymore).

So my final and most important lesson learned is this: jelqing gets the reputation as being unimportant, nobody knows how or why it works and it never really seems to be doing much. But experience this month has proven to me that the jelq is a vital component of PE. Even if I don't understand it I have to take it seriously if I want to see gains. I can't allow myself to neglect this important aspect of PE in the future, give the jelq the respect it deserves.

One other note is that I also took the opportunity to try a shock routine on the last day (200 jelqs every hour for ten hours, mixed in some extra bits as well). The jury is still out as to its success (preliminary reports are very positive) but I did learn that my unit can handle it. I never would have attempted that previously. Yet another positive for taking a month with alternate motivation to grow PE knowledge. Perhaps taking a month like this a couple times a year is a good idea.

Maybe next month we can have a stretch for health campaign and I can relearn my stretching.