After recently coming back into PE my new routine worked wonders for me in a short period of time, in the past of doing PE I mostly focused on jelqing as I was reading it was the be all end all of PE exercises. However I wasn't making gains to fast although I went from a naturally about 8 EQ to a 10 EQ easily. When I came back however I started a routine which is about 15-20 minutes of simple stretching and 10-15 minutes of jelqing and I gained about .6 inchs BPEL in a little over 2 months (.2 of which were gains I previously lost). However as I continued to get these gains I realized my EQ dropping and it now feels to be at about a 6 or a 7 and my gains seem to have stopped. This is starting to confirm that TGC theory may have at least got the correlation between workouts and gains right and I am now deciding to embark on a primarily Jelqing routine with little stretching. I will be measuring how my EQ changes as well as my BPEL (as that was the goal for doing the stretching) and see if switching to this routine allows me to get gains quickly.

I expect a increase in girth during the next few months and a increase in EQ, but I am really wondering if my BPEL will stay the same, increase a little, or even decrease. If it stays the same/increases and my EQ does increase, once it hit 10 I would switch back to my old routine to see how gains go with it again.

I am mostly going to be experimenting with how well alternating routines based on the correlation principles of TGC theory can cause for quick size increases (relative quick). Many times in the past I quit and picked up PE because I didn't see as spending 8+ hours a month worth my time to make minor increases of .1 or .05 inchs in length (which explains why I only did it before when I had a lot of freetime.) I saw these recent quick gains and I want to keep the speed coming, but I also do expect them to slow down over time. Gaining slowly would make it very hard to achieve my ultimate goals and I realize that my gains now are still pretty early on and that if I was gaining slowly now, even later on it would take forever or be impossible.

I was wondering if anyone has experience alternating between simple routines based off EQ according to TGC theory. I only do stretchs in all directions (BTC stretchs as well), circular stretchs, jelqing, Reverse kegels and kegels. I have seen good gains from this and whenever I experimented with other exercises the gains weren't as beneficial time-wise. If anyone has experience I would like to hear how well alternating routines helped growth and if it caused you to get quick gains, or just progressive slow gains.