Hi you lot!
This is my first post so be gentle

~ :: Do I need to change my routine? :: ~
(My "gains" have slowed to nothingness)

~ History ~
When I first started PE 4.5 months ago, I was doing a very light routine of:
- 5m warm up
- 8m stretches
- 10m "OK-Grip Jelqs"
- 5m "V-Jelqs"
- 5m "Side Jelqs"

BPEL : 7.55" | MEG : 4.75"

(I gradually increased in intensity and duration for exercises by 30-60 seconds each per week, until I couldn't increase intensity further, only duration)

After 3 weeks : BPEL = 7.75" | MEG = 4.75"
After 5 weeks : BPEL = 7.85" | MEG = 4.85"
After 7 weeks : BPEL = 7.90" | MEG = 5.00"
After 10 weeks: BPEL = 8.10" | MEG = 5.20"
(beyond that I've on occasion measured ~ BPEL = 8.25", and MEG = 5.25"+ but only sometimes, when it's warm and after a while of edging, although typically I measure BPEL at 8.0"-8.1", and MEG at 5.0" on average)

Since then, for the last 2 months, I've not gained anything, but what's worse is that increasing my routine duration progressively has led to a now borderline 2 hour session. I'm not sure I want to do PE for longer durations than that, so perhaps I need a way to increase intensity somehow in less time?

My current routine has evolved into :
- 25m warm up while manual stretching (all directions and as many variations as I know)
- 20m "OK-Grip / UV-Jelqs" (awesome by the way)
- 10m "Mini-Jelqs" (I enjoy the squeeze)
- 10m "Side Jelqs" (I enjoy the vague amount of stretch I feel across my ligaments while jelqing)
- 5x 45s Erect Squeezes
- 5x 15s Erect Stretches
- 5-25m "UV Jelqs" (As a sort of ...warm-down, because my penis ALWAYS still wants more regardless of how high an EQ I jelq at or how hard I squeeze...)

After these long jelqing sessions, my penis can always handle more, but I really don't want to have to extend my routine beyond 2 hours... any advice?

~ Things I've tried ~
- Taking the odd week off ~ (no noticeable effect except a fresh mentality on return)
- 5-2, 4-3, 3-1-2-1, day splits ~ (penis always hungry for more exercise, makes no difference)
- Hanging for up to 2 hours, BTC, SD, OTS ~ (no effect only skin warping and fatigue)
- Wet/Dry jelqing variations ~ (my routine lasts so long I kinda do both!)
- Bends, Ulis, horse squeezes... (Mostly just hurt...)
Arginine suppliments (Use to use them because initially I had serious ED, but it was mostly mental, and part masterbation habits, but no noticeable effect on EQ beyond the norm.)
- Increased manual stretching intensity (hanging gave me a greater understanding of my penis' durability)

(and more...)

...and I can't gain at the moment.

~ Things I've noticed ~
- My penis feels very tough, and non-stretchy, before my BPSFL use to be at least 0.5" longer than my BPEL, maybe more, now it's a similar measurement, though I do find it difficult to measure BPSFL accurately.

~ Possible limiting factors ~
Tunica : Quite possible, as my BPSFL and BPEL are now similar measurements, though I put this down to my penis feeling less stretchy. Perhaps deconditioning might help? Though I've tried that already.

Smooth Muscle : I've always considered my penis thin-looking, maybe just because it's always been long-ish, but with a somewhat average girth. When I've been jelqing for an hour, if I start trying to get aroused further while jelqing my girth blows up to insane sizes that I wish I could maintain during normal erections, so to me working this has always been a must, as I assume I have a lot more smooth muscle I can develop before I consider myself a nice thickness, but I don't see how it could be the thing limiting my length at the moment.

Ligaments : I tried hanging but to be honest my penis has always hung well in terms of the ligaments. I feel the effect of manual stretching more than hanging, hence my choice to scrap hanging, it was taking too long anyway with both (4 hours total).

EQ : My EQ used to always be terrible, I had bad masterbation habits, and was a nervous virgin for far too long. But after all the nerves had passed and I didn't masterbate the same way, my EQ improved. Through jelqing it improved a LOT more. This could be the reason for my rapid initial gains? Or perhaps I just measured wrong? I'm honestly unsure, but I do know that I have gained at least a fair bit even if it's hard to tell without having taken pictures. I still don't feel my EQ is as good as it could be though, though often that comes down to heat for me... unsure, but hardly a significant limiting factor.

~ Conclusion ~
I'm taking a little time off, maybe a week or so, to have another go at this "deconditioning" malarky. I'm not sure it will help at all, it didn't last time, I was in the same situation when I picked up PE again every time.
Either way I need a good progression plan for when I return to PE, unless you all think I should just keep doing the same 2hour routine with the same durations. That even without modifying exercise types / sets / durations / rest I should still slowly gain anyway, then in that case I will continue with the 2 hour routines.

Any help would be wonderful, thanks!!
P.S. is it wrong that I find jelqing more pleasurable than masterbation now? :/