I suffered a minor injury on my second attempt.
Injury symptoms:Occasional stiffness (after workouts and when its cold) in the internal penis from head to groin and Slightly raised.

Both injuries coming from the bathmate at to high of pressure I believe. I also might of kegeled to much(every time I got an erection). I also jelqed and stretched with a bit of chilly air around. I started PE in June with the Bathmate. I have been doing PE since with two breaks, One for 6 weeks and one for 3 weeks.

I am planning on doing only length exercises for a while. What routine would you suggest to someone in my position with my preference of "length first before girth" philosophy?

If I started getting morning wood again a few days ago, when do you think I can get back on the horse? I'm hoping to start New Years day.

Are there any other guys out there that obtained a minor injury like mine?