Hello everyone. Its been awhile since i have been to this site, but i have continued doing pe. Below i will write my routine, my gains and my questions after these 6 months. I would really like the wise heads to answer my questions.

I have done pe continuesly since juli 2013. I started wearing an extender and slowly build up with more excercises and more hours.

- Extender is today used on a regular base of 4 hours a day.(the tension is always about 1300 g, when these 1300 g goes Down because of more flexible penis, i just add a few bars untill i hit 1300 g again)
- I Then added a manual stretch routine which takes about 10 minutes to complete
- I bought a bathmate and added that to the routine (using 2*10 minutes before going to sleep)

i only take off days when my penis Hurts when doing helicoper shakes ( i think this is the PI of taking a day off) this happens usually after 4 days.

my gains have been very weak, which is why i write this.(i have logged 400 hours with my extender)

now i want to buy an ads to keep my penis extended throughout the day because my penis often turtles which i think may be the reason why i have not gained yet.

here are my questions:

1: is an ads (healing stretched) the solution to make my gains (which ads is preferable when i want to sleep with it, i have been looking in to the stealthman sleeve)?

2: Anything you think i should change in my routine to make it better?