Hi all, I think I may be overtraining. My gains have stalled a bit and although my body isn't sore I think that overtraining is the culprit. Anyway, heres my routine.

50 Kegels a day/50 Reverse Kegels 5 days a week
More reverse kegels throughout the day every day
Bathmate 15 minutes morning and night every day
Anywhere from 60-240 minutes of edging a week depending if I have sex

I plan on adding an extender once it arrives in the mail and using it any day I use a bathmate. My question is: should i cut back? I do the kegels and rkegels for EQ and PE (which I used to have due to bad masturbation habits) but I hear the normal kegels might make gains harder? I also do the bathmate every day and plan on wearing an extender every day too once it gets to me in the mail. Would it be better to do less kegels daily or 50 only 3 times a week? Should I take a day off from the bathmate (and the extender when it arrives) each week? Any thoughts or opinions much appreciated.