I like the bodybuilding analogy. I'm an older member here. I can remember when bodybuilding was considered very strange.

As a fat kid, I was very interested in changing my body. My 8th grade gym teacher said that lifting weights would make you muscle bound, and was not a healthy way to exercise. Guys that lifted weights to look good were regarded with suspicion. We were also told to eat a "balanced diet". I just kept getting fatter, and more depressed.

In 10th grade, I was in a different school. We had a weight room, and weight training was part of gym class. I found that I loved lifting weights. I learned to cut out the carbs, eat a lot of protein, and I lifted 3 times per week. During the year, I lost a lot of fat, and gained muscle. It was life changing.

In the 80s, weight training became accepted into the mainstream.