I like to share my experiences in making good use of ginkgo biloba and epimedium(horny goat weed). We all have heard from somewhere that the potent "icariin" is the key chemical inside horny goat weed which is being used to make Viagra. We also read somewhere that ginkgo biloba leaves are great for memory enhancement because it helps increase blood to the brain. Well, if it helps bring more blood to the brain, I am sure it will bring more blood to the little guy as well.

Based on the above knowledge, I went out and plucked about 2lbs of fresh ginkgo leaves from my backyard. I also bought 2lbs of epimedium sagittatum leaves from a local Chinese herbal store, near Los Angeles. Then I went out and got 10 bottles of 1.75 liter Vodka and a 5gallon glass jar. Now I have everything I needed to make this high erection quality drink; I named it "Hi-EQ Herbal Drink".

After sitting in the dark closet for about 8 weeks, the 5 gallon container is ready to be used. I normally take a shot of 15-20ml before I begin my PE session. To my amazement, it does give a good feeling, not as powerful as Viagra or Cialis. I do feel there is an extra kick. My brain is quite alert during the exercise. My penis seems more vascular. I normally don't see any veins popping out on my penis, not unless I do some squeezing. But after a shot of this Hi-EQ drink, I can see some good veins showing inside my 2.25" cylinder.

I used to have a hard time trying to get hard so I can enter the cylinder. I had to watch different genre of porno to induce the erection. Each time, it had to be some different kind of porno video. I was worried that I would eventually run out of new porno content and my little will not stand up. He always needed something new/different/strange to get up. I tried taking the 5G vitamin pills(ginseng, garlic, green-tea, ginger, ginkgo biloba), not working at all even after finishing a full bottle of each. I am sure those 5G were good stuffs; perhaps the manufacture did not follow the proper and ethical guidelines in producing the pills; that's why I didn't get any good effects at all. I solved my erection problem by drinking this Hi-EQ herbal tincture.

If you're lazy and don't want to make your own Hi-EQ Herbal Drink, you can to get it from me. I have a few liters left. You can search on ebay for "Hi-EQ Herbal Drink".

If anyone had tried making tincture using epimedium sagittatum and ginkgo biloba leaves, please share your experiences. Feel free to contact me. I don't mind sharing the recipe as mentioned above.

Notice I use "sagittatum" kind of horny goat weed. Research showed that this type of horny goat weed leaves have the most concentrated icariin, the key chemical that will help push blood into your little guy.