Hey guys I've been around the forums for a while and never really got serious about PE due to the fear of it not working (stupid I know). But I have started back, about 2 weeks ago, for a girth only routine. I don't want to be longer. And I wanted some of your thoughts on my routine. Thanks guys!

(All done in the shower)
2 days on 1 day off throughout the week
1.Get a cup and fill with hot water. Dip penis and balls in for about 5 min.
2.Pull and stretch the penis to get ligs nice and loose.
3. 50 jelqs Palm up at 70-100% erection (I use body wash for lubricant, best thing I got)
4. 15 horse squeezes at 70-100% erection
5. Warm down

I started this routine with 10 Jelqs and added about 5 more reps each session. I think I'm going for 100 Jelqs.

I also started with 5 horse squeezes but add a few more reps every now and then.

I don't know if one of the Jews; the palm up or Palm down jelq is better than the other in general or for girth but let me know please.