I havgives on peoples signatures all over that as they gain in flacid strech length they then gain girth easier.

Some with tighter flacid stretches it seems itd harder to gain girth. My bpfsl is the same as my bpel.. if i stretched it out like taffy wouldnt it make it easier to stretch width ways too?

If this is the case I think if I dont succeed at all with girth. I will completey drop it and go first with stretch gains.

This gives me some hope. If girth exercise along with stretching doesnt work ill resort to just length.

It does seem hard for me to balance out when to do length exercises and when to do girth.

If I have a wider flacid.. I dont want tonstretch it. But when itngoes backnt kormal i stretch it. So I go back an forth kind of like molding something to be bigger by going back and forth at both sides.

Im sorry if this didnt really make sense. Getting high for the first time in a while allows me to see into the nature of actual pe.

Tell me your opinions if youd like!