I've been experimenting with PE techniques that don't take over your life and stumbled over piss pulls. Piss Pulls as describe on this site is a light stretching technique used straight after urination. I experimented a little and my results are follows.
The morning after an evening of PE I would measure my BPSL and found that any previous nights gains had all gone even into negative gains! So I experimented with PP. I found that the tension described was not sufficient to re-stretch to my previous days BPSL.
To counter act this I used to fit the Vacuum ADS and wear for around 30min in the morning before work. After measuring my BPSL gains would return.This was something I could do without.
After some experimental stretching I could get the same result from a slightly more aggressive version which I nicked named Toilet Tugs.

Toilet Tug Method

During urination slowly start to stretch your penis to point wear it will not prevent fluid flow.
Once you finish urination grip your penis in a clasped fist behind the head and pull upwards 12o'clock and hold a medium/medium-heavy (but not max) stretch- slightly oscillating from side to side for about 10 seconds.
Then release, a quick helicopter shake and repeat in other three directions. 3,6 and 9 o;clock.

I have an office job and drink a lot of coffee and tea and urinate frequently. This little combo I find great in preventing turtling during the day.