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My goodness.. You say you did low erection jelqing the first 3 months.
Im about 2 months and 1.5 weeks in, reaching 3 months soon and all the gains I could measure up to now were only length =(
Not that I aim to gain in girth but I thought just a few tenths of an inch Id get but no.
I am doing it the same way you did - my erection levels are low. My penis fills up with blood to such a degree that it reaches the size (girth) it normally has when erect but it is actually flaccid, or rather 30-40% erect. I can effort- & painlessly bend it - thats perhaps more descriptive.
Yet... 0 girth gains..
Yes, the first 3 months i did low erection jelqs, regular jelqs and v-jelqs. I didn't do much reps either. Gained 0.35 inches in girth by that. Now i'm 10months and a half into my PE journey and i have gained another 0.35 inches.
I need both girth and length. But i prefer girth over length if i had to choose since it's usually what a girl would pick.

I don't know what happend but since i started low erection jelqs 2-3 days ago again my flaccid size improved a lot and i got 0,2cm gain from nowhere. Strange but nice.