PE is almost like weight lifting.

As said before. What effort you put in, is what you will get out.

Same with weight lifting, or trying to look better. Put in minimal effort and get minimal results.

Now, if you ain't gaining, and you are going really hard at 1 method. Stop, and think about what else you can do. What you are doing now, may not be what is needed to build what you want your penis to be tomorrow.

People I talk to at the gym think you just need to lift weights just to get stronger. So thats all they do. Is lift weights. But why aren't they getting stronger, or looking better. That's because they need to do something more, such as dieting.

Improve EQ, and better understand what exercises you should be targeting:

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Motivational stats by some top PE'ers of the forum:

Others have been having success with PE. So can you. Stop thinking negatively about you not being able to progress. You thinking negative will only bring negative results to your life, and your dick. Check out the success of others here:

Stay committed to a routine by logging your progress and helping others possibly identify problems you are running into and to allow others to collaborate and improve your routine.

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Did not expect to write this much. Well, hope it helps to keep you all committed and positive towards your goal. Good night!