So I think if I am going to stick with my routine for sure. It sure as hell looks like I will be able to commit to AP90.

The other day on my log here:

I stated the following:
After the 3rd set, tried to do some jelqs to get blood flow, but penis feels a bit what you may call "sore". I wouldn't call it that, but I want to say that micro tears maybe or something and jelqs just is bothering it? Anyone have input on this?
The following day, which is todays hanging session, everything went just fine with jelqs and hanging as you can see here:

What I am getting at is when I relapsed and tried to do jelqs in between my hanging sets, it would hurt pretty bad. Starting from the base, and then once I barely start reaching middle, you can feel some pain increasing as you go up. No way to get around it.

Now today I was doing the jelqs and it was just fine. When I had attempted a hanging routine several months ago, I did masturbate, along with jelqs in between hanging sets. Once I got to 6lbs+ in hanging, that is when I started to get that hurting pain for jelqs.

At that point I ended up stop doing my PE routine mainly cause lack of commitment and motivation.

So, hangers who jelq, have you experienced something like this from masturbating?