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Now you guys have me confused. When you say the spot is "below your frenulum", do you mean on your shaft toward your scrotum or toward your head / frenulum? I'm circumcised, but my MOST sensitive spot is immediately on my underside, directly where my head forms a "V", just behind my coronal rim. That's what I've always considered to be my frenulum . It is smooth and indistinguishable on me, so there's no "clit" or skin fold there when erect; however, when flaccid, the skin line that runs along the underside of my penis and separates my balls in my scortum all the way to my perineum is evident, but not "sensitive" at all. Does this vary from male to male depending upon the circumcision technique a doc used when we were infants, AL?
The OP is describing a spot just below the frenulum (on the underside in the direction of the base). Some men have extra flesh where their circumcision folds are.