Hi everyone. I'm new on this forum but not on PEing.

First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm from Brazil and do not have a perfect english.

I have some doubts i could not "solve" when i was reading the forum.

Well, here they are:

1) I have a high downward curvature but don't know if it's Peyronie or congenital curvature. How can i solve this? Are the exercises the same in both cases? Can i bend against the curvature to correct congenital curvature?

2) Did anybody see the "Phallosan" studies healing a Peyronie's with their device? It's just strange to me, cause even the problem was solved the penis seems to be at the same erect size, even after 6 months using Phallosan. Is this what i should expect of my treatment?

3) I do not understand what "hanging" is. Where i can find a link explaining it? Are the devices cheap?

4) What is a turkey neck? Is there any glossary topic?

5) Why the ppl of this forum rarely talk about "Sadsak Slinky" for girth gains? Isn't it a very intense exercise?

Thanks for the patience.