Hi guys, I was just wondering if someone could look this over real quick. Currently I only kegel (3 days a week) and rk (2 days a week). I use this routine for both days (just target the appropriate muscle):

I recently read articles of the effectiveness of deep squats. I am looking to add to my routine. As far as routines this is really all I could find:

1) Deep Squat and stay there for 1 minute
2) Perform 10 deep squats (up and down)
3) Ass to the grass for another minute
4) The big deal stretch: with your legs spread like 40 inches (or more, if you feel safe), get down as much as you can (BE CAREFUL) and stay there for 10 seconds

Here are my questions... Is this deep squat routine sufficient? Do deep squat days replace my reverse kegel days, or should I do the squats after I rk on the same day. Or thirdly, should do the squats on my off day?
Thanks a lot guys!