As most of you know, is a division of Semprove Publishing.

Semprove Publishing is a growing publisher of non-fiction, sexual health books. We are currently seeking new titles to add to our 2016 publishing line up, in this genre.

At Semprove, we do not charge authors for services. You cannot pay us to publish your book. Because we make money only when your book sells, we only select books we think will sell in the marketplace. Our publishing process typically takes six months, from contract signing. We produce trade paperbacks, hard covers and eBooks, in a variety of formats and sizes. Our books are available wherever books are sold in all of the major economies worldwide.

If you're interested in becoming an author with Semprove, please read the following:

  1. We are only interested in hearing from you AFTER your manuscript is complete. Please do not send a book proposal if your manuscript is not complete.
  2. Be sure to submit all of the information noted below.
  3. At this stage, please submit your chapter outline, as well as 3 chapters from your manuscript as ONE document,. If we are interested, we will request a full manuscript.
  4. If illustrations or photos are to be included, please include samples.
  5. We can only accept attachments in the following formats: PDF or DOC.
  6. REMEMBER to follow all instructions, if all instructions are not followed, your proposal will be rejected.

In the body of your e-mail, include:

1. Your first and last name
2. The title (and subtitle, if applicable) of your book
3. Total word count of your manuscript
4. Does your book include photos or illustrations? If so, are they color, BW or both?
5. Do you have authorization to use these photos or illustrations?
6. Do you have a cover design? If so, do you have rights to the cover design?
7. Describe your book in less than 200 words.
8. Has your manuscript been professionally edited? If so, provide editing company name and contact info.
9. Has your manuscript been previously published, including self-publishing? If yes, enter publisher, date of publish, and date of contract expiration.
10. Please provide an author biography in 250 words or less.
11. Are you represented by an agent? If so, provide agent name and contact information.
12. Are you represented by a publicist? If so, provide publicist name and contact information.
13. If you do not have a publicist, are you willing to act as your own publicist? Book publicists, at a high level, write press releases and arrange interviews with their media contacts. They also schedule author appearances, book signings and readings.
14. Do you have an Internet presence? If so, please provide links to: personal/author website, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media sites where you can promote your book once it's published.

Please e-mail the above information, as well as your manuscript (in PDF or DOC format) to